We are a community of innovators, strategists, and creatives

Three years ago, we were founded on the belief that every business not only deserves top notch branding, but a creative partner to walk beside them. Someone to listen, to dream and to strategize with them.

The best part? We do this work alongside our talented friends who provide their creative muscle to every project we do. Community over competition isn't a catchphrase for us, it's the backbone of everything we do.

Our core is community

Callie draws the Honeycomb experience from growing up in a small Tennessee town. You couldn’t mistake anyone for someone else; each person was their unique self. With this in mind, Callie seeks out what makes a company special and harnesses it in their brand. Her passion for storytelling and creating memorable experiences for customers is what attracts her clientele, from startups to long-standing businesses.

Meet our founder, 
Callie Kerbo

Callie’s knowledge, teaching, understanding, suggestions, encouragement and guidance has been extremely helpful and yet never pushy. She is bubbly, yet was calm as a cucumber as we were launching my new brand. When I inquired about adding something, taking something out, changing something or making it right, she was on it, right away.

Whether you already understand social media and why branding is important or not, Callie is a really great resource and someone you want on your team!

I highly recommend her!

Lauren Johnston, intuitive life coach

While I've been trained to design websites myself, I know exactly the kind of work it entails. It would have taken me soooo much longer to pull off a site to this quality. There are so many little things you have to think of during the process on TOP of having to be creative.

Honeycomb helped me become clearer about what I want and how I want to move forward which has been as valuable as good website design. I don't feel like I'm doing this all by myself. I literally don't know if there's anything I'd change about this process. I've enjoyed this much more than I thought I would and I think how you're doing things has been a huge stepping stone for where I'll be in the future.

Amy beth bolden, thatveganwife

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